About Me

My name is Emma. I’m 37 and I’ve lived in Bristol for almost 20 years. I’m a freelancer, feminist, plant eater, owner of far too many lipsticks. Mother of two.

Not My First Rodeo is a Bristol based Fashion and Cruelty Free Beauty Blog – taking you along with me on my journey to a more conscious lifestyle – one small change a time.

I started this blog because after I’d had my children my body and whole life had changed and I found the usual fashion and beauty bloggers that I followed completely un-relatable. I tried to search for a new online tribe but there didn’t seem to be much bridging the gap between the stressed out Mummy bloggers and their after bed-time gins and the twenty-somethings popping out with gay abandon for smashed avocados at the weekends and complaining about getting up before 9am.

So I decided to start my own blog for people like me that don’t have the time, money or freedom they used to pre-children but still want to look in the mirror and not only recognise the reflection staring back, but love it too.

As I wrote more articles about capsule wardrobing I unexpectedly became immersed the world of sustainable and ethical fashion.  Not only did it make so much sense to me but I was shocked at how damaging to the environment the fast fashion industry really is. Capsule wardrobing then became so much more than just a framework to building my confidence after having children, it developed into a passion to inspire others to “Buy Less, Wear More” and was the beginning of my journey to leading a more conscious lifestyle overall.