Hi, I’m Emma.

Wrong side of 35, Bristol UK.

I started this blog because after I’d had my children I found I couldn’t relate to either the myriad of “Mum blogs” or the younger fashion and beauty bloggers. So I decided to start my own blog for people like me that don’t have the time, money or freedom they used to pre-children to dedicate to style and beauty but still don’t want to give up on feeling like their old selves.

This is my place to be myself and try to avoid becoming a jegging-wearing, coffee-morning-going Mum-bore and hopefully connect with and inspire some others too.

I primarily write about fashion, beauty and lifestyle but as I have two children you’ll also catch me writing about parenting experiences as well as other things I’m passionate about like the environment, not eating meat and feminist issues.

If you’re a brand that would like to work with me here on this blog or if you like my writing and you’d be interested in me writing articles for your brand, you can contact me at: