(AD) P’URE Papaya Lip Balm and Ointment Review

I recently put out an SOS on my Instagram stories because I have super, super dry lips as always at this time of the year and as someone who lives for a bright lip, chapped flakey lips are not the one.

P’URE Papaya came to my rescue and sent me not only their lip balm but also their multi-use Papaya Ointment to try out and review.

P’URE Papaya products are 100% natural, vegan, cruelty free and made in Australia using organic fermented Papaya (sometimes known as Paw Paw). I jumped at the chance to review these products as unlike so many other lip balms and dry skin products (including a certain cult favourite Australian Paw Paw product) they’re completely free of mineral oils (aka petroleum jelly), palm oil and preservatives.

Mineral oil is something I’ve actively avoided now for a good few years. It’s a man made product (created as a by product of the petrochemical industry). Its molecules are too large to be absorbed into human skin which means not only is it awful as a moisturiser, but it can clog pores and doesn’t actually provide any skin benefits. What’s more, if it gets into our body, we can’t metabolise it, so it just builds up and up over time. I’d really rather avoid having petrochemicals building up in my body!

Lip Balm (Vegan) – £5.99

The lip balm contains:

  • Papaya – rich in vitamin C and enzymes which exfoliate and rejuvenate chapped lips
  • Shea butter – to soothe and moisturise
  • Candelilia wax – a vegetable wax that provides a moisture loss barrier

The lip balm is comes in a 10g tube with a slanted tube for easy application, although I prefer to squeeze onto my finger so I can really work it in to my lips.

It’s a thick opaque formula with a very subtle scent. I don’t like any lip products to be overly scented or flavoured and this one is extremely subtle to the point of not being noticeable at all when on the lips.

I like to apply it at the beginning of my morning skincare routine and by the time I’ve done my makeup it’s sunk in enough to wear lipstick on top. Even after it’s completely sunk in, my lips feel really soft and nourished and it’s the perfect primer for a lipstick to go on top as it has an almost matte texture to it which lipstick can grip to and not slide straight off.

Papaya Ointment – £8.99 / £17.99

The ointment comes in tubes of either 25g or 75g which means there is an option of a more affordable handbag sized tube as well as the larger size.

The ingredients of the ointment and the lip balm are very similar, however the ointment has a slightly stiffer, waxier consistency to it which is due to the addition of beeswax, meaning that it’s not suitable for vegans.

As it can be used for so many purposes I really put it through it’s paces and used it as an overnight lip treatment, a nappy cream, a cuticle cream and even on my heels.

It’s a super rich and oily texture and whilst it does sink in it does take a while which is why I think it works great as an overnight treatment. Slathering it on my cuticles, lips and heels just before bed is my favourite way to use it as I wake up and everything is super moisturised.

I even tested it out on my two year old’s bottom. She’s cutting her very last back molar which means her nappies have been much more acidic than usual and she’s been a bit sore. The ointment left her soothed and soft as a literal and proverbial baby’s bum.

These products and the full P’URE Papaya range are available from Holland & Barrett (in store and online).


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