Autumn Capsule Wardrobe 2017

Last Autumn was my first ever capsule wardrobe. At that time I was just a few months post-partum, breastfeeding Grace and on maternity leave. None of my old clothes fitted me and I felt a little overwhelmed at just where to start to curate a new wardrobe. When I came across the concept of a capsule wardrobe it seemed like the perfect way of navigating to a wardrobe that suited my lifestyle and getting me out of my rut.

My not so insta-worthy wardrobe

My life has really come along a lot in the last year. I returned to work and this was reflected in my spring capsule where I included both “on-duty” and “off-duty” options. Since then, in June I decided to quit my job to pursue my freelance social media career so my current wardrobe no longer needs to include work clothes. I’m studying until January and then working from home for the foreseeable future. However, increasingly I’m gaining the confidence to share outfits on here and Instagram and that’s great motivation to not descend into wearing leggings and baggy t-shirts every day.

I recently unpacked all of the out of season clothes I had stored away to do an big audit of what I’ve got and what I need. This is where the process is really starting to pay dividends because I was pleasantly surprised to find that there wasn’t an awful lot that I felt I obviously needed.


I realised I had amassed a mish-mash of cheap ASOS jeans in various styles and sizes and none of them were really appealing at me at all. I decided to hold on to one pair of plain black skinny jeans and then donated all the rest.

My preference these days is a straight leg jean and since I discovered the Levi Wedgie style it’s all I want to wear. I came across a pair of dark wash Wedgies in the ASOS sale reduced to £75 and after using an online voucher I think only paid about £10 for them which was a win!

I felt there was a gap in my collection for a washed black pair of straight leg jeans so decided to try the BDG Axyl that I’d seen on so many of my favourite fashion blogs. They’re really soft and comfortable and at £50 a pair sit between an ASOS and a Levi price point.

Levi Wedgie Jeans

Urban Outfitters BDG Axyl Jeans

After my love affair with the denim skirt this summer I decided a slightly longer, pencil style denim skirt from Levi would be a great addition to my autumn wardrobe. It would definitely see me through to Winter worn with a roll neck and a jacket and I think it would also be a useful piece to transition through into Spring next year.

Levi Pencil Skirt

I also bought a structured, ruffle skirt from And Other Stories which is really the only thing in my current wardrobe that comes under the occasion-wear banner at the moment. Not that I have too many opportunities for occasion-wear but I feel like if I see something versatile and flattering I should snap it up. And a really solid black skirt is always a good investment.

Ruffle Skirt

I desperately feel like I’d like some non denim options for my bottom half but as yet haven’t found any cigarette or wide leg trousers that I like the fit of despite shopping around a fair bit. The search will continue.

Knitwear & Sweaters

I have a really good selection of sweaters, knits and cardigans that I invested in last year so I don’t feel feel I need to add anything at all. In fact it was really nice unpacking all my lovely cashmere and feeling quite excited for cooler weather to be able to wear it again.

T-shirts and Basics

I have a good collection of t-shirts but working from home now, I feel like t-shirts are a key staple for me and I used that as justification for buying a couple of new slogan t-shirts from People Tree’s new collection. I bought a white one with the slogan “Equality” and a bottle green one with the slogan “Eco Warrior”. Just a bit of fun really but it’s an ethical brand so at least my purchase is also doing some good.

Equality T-shirt

Eco Warrior T-shirt

For basics, I added some new polo necks from Uniqlo into my collection. Their long sleeved Heattech tops are autumn/winter staples for me as I wear them as a base layer under everything.

Uniqlo Polo Necks


I have a soft flannel cotton checked shirt from Monki and a giraffe print monochrome shirt from Whistles that will definitely be getting lots more wear in autumn/winter. I feel like there might be a gap for a brighter, more colourful print but I haven’t found anything that fits the bill yet.

Whistles Giraffe Print Shirt

Jackets and Blazers

I have one navy checked mannish blazer that I bought from ASOS back in Spring that I’m excited to use as a transitional piece. I definitely felt like I needed to add a couple more options to take me through to proper thick coat weather so I went on ASOS to look for jacket options that were were a bit more statement that would jazz up a plain jeans and jumper outfit. I found these two amazing jackets – a mustard faux leather biker jacket from Bershka and a military style jersey jacket from Only.

Bershka Jacket

Only Military Jacket

So there we have it. I think this is a great little selection to keep me going until the really chilly weather sets in nearer to Christmas.


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