Cheek Frills

Apparently “New Year new undies” is a thing, which is good because I’ve had these on my desk to share with you since before Christmas. I’ve felt super guilty about not getting around to it on the right side of Christmas because they would have made great stocking fillers. But nevertheless I really want to share with you now, especially as now I’ve actually had the chance to wear them and wash them a few times and I can give an honest review of how they fared.

I was gifted these by a friend who works for the brand but not paid or obligated to write review – I’m sharing this because I love the products. I was invited to choose something from their site and I chose a turquoise and pink knicker and bralette set but was kindly sent a few other pieces as well.

Cheek Frills underwear is made of 95% eco friendly Modal. Modal is a buttery soft fabric that’s made from the fibres of the beech tree and requires low amounts of land and water to produce so it’s really good for sustainability. It’s softness makes it ideal  for underwear.

I don’t know about you but my days of being stabbed by underwired bras and cut in half by cheesewire thongs are well and truly in the past. These days I’m all about soft, comfortable underwear that I barely know I’m wearing and these lovely sets by Cheek Thrills definitely tick those boxes. I easily fall into the boring plain black knicker rut, so the bright colours are a welcome addition to my underwear drawer.

Having worn and washed these a few times I can say that they hold their shape and the colour hasn’t faded at all. The vest tops provide a bit of a base layer in Winter when worn under a t-shirt but in summer I’d probably wear the vest and knickers sets to bed.

I thought I’d take the opportunity at the start of January when in the past I’d be all shame and self loathing about my body to show off the underwear and spread the body positivity message. At the age of 37 I can say I’ve finally broken out of the cycle of binge eating and diets and I’ve slowly learnt to love myself just how I am. Instead of punishing myself with diets I reward myself with healthy food and stay as active as I can without counting calories or strict gym schedules. I used to be in a near constant state of shame at my failure to stick to a diet but now I’m happy and grateful to be healthy and want to set a positive example to my children.


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