Completing the Spring Capsule

I think I’ve finally got my Spring Capsule Wardrobe down.

I haven’t counted the exact number of pieces but I think we’re hovering around the 40-45 mark and I’m totally ok with that. I’ve decided I don’t need to be strict about the number of clothes, the capsule concept to me is more about limiting what I buy to just what I need and what I’ll wear.

Going through this capsule wardrobe journey has really changed my mindset about clothes and shopping. Before, I would browse and buy anything I liked the look of. I never really considered how it would fit with my other pieces or whether it would last a long time. I would often keep things that didn’t quite fit and never really considered if the type of fabric would be comfortable or breathable (and then later when I sweated like a pig in it, would avoid wearing it).

So now I’m thinking about my wardrobe as whole. When I look at a top I think about how it will work with the jackets I already have. Or if I buy some new jeans will they work with the shoes I already have? I’d say everything in my wardrobe now is cohesive and falls into outfits neatly, covering all of the needs of my lifestyle and giving me options for the different types of vibe I might want.

So what’s next? 

Spring is complete but I’m already thinking about Summer. I’ve realised that I prefer to shop for each season’s capsule gradually, without the time pressure of having to buy everything I need by an arbitrary deadline. I think this is a more considered way of operating a capsule wardrobe than doing a bulk shop every three months. And allows me to still have a cheeky ASOS browse!



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