Dry Skin Saviours – When Only An Oil Will Do

Autumn is always the start of dry skin season. As soon as the temperature drops outside and the heating goes on, like clockwork every atom of moisture seems to be sucked right out of my body. My legs become parched and scaly, my cuticles peel and crack. Cute huh?

So, in order not to resemble a dried up husk every year, I make sure I call in the big guns when it comes to moisturising – and that means only oils will do.

Today I’m sharing the clutch of all-natural organic oils in my arsenal that are keeping me deliciously soft and moisturised.


Rare Beauty recently invited me to have a peruse of their website, choose an item to review and give them some feedback on my shopping experience.

Rare Beauty carries a huge range of 100% natural skincare created by female entrepreneurs. Everything is cruelty free, made in the UK in small batches, is largely vegan, certified organic and with eco shipping and packaging as standard.

I found the website incredibly easy to navigate. You can filter by face, body, hair or by brand. Within the categories you’re also able to further sub-filter by eco criteria, e.g. vegan or certified organic. I fed back that it would be really helpful to add zero waste or plastic free into this section too.

I chose a Yoga and Sports Body Oil by Terre Verdi that is specifically created for use after exercise. Since I started working out again I thought this would be a really nice oil to massage and soothe my aching muscles.

This product is Soil Association Certified 99% organic, 100% natural and vegan. Its ingredients include Ginger for inflammation and Black Pepper and Eucalyptus to increase circulation; which also gives it its soothing and warming quality and its aromatic wintery smell. The base is a blend of Argan, Camellia, Calendula and Jojoba oils which are all known for their moisturising properties.

I’ve been using it daily after my post-workout shower and as well as completely sorting out my scaly legs and keeping them soft, it really does have a warming effect on the muscles rather like an extremely mild deep heat. I’ve been very much enjoying it and would thoroughly recommend.

For Face

Amphora Aromatics recently sent me their new multi-purpose beauty oils to try out. A range of pure, natural oils that can multi-task according to your needs.

I swear by oils on my face and recently I ran out of firm favourite the Liz Earle Superskin Concentrate. One of the main ingredients in this blend is Rosehip Seed Oil so I thought I’d give the pure Rosehip Seed Oil a spin on my face as a replacement, as if it delivers the same results as the Liz Earle I’d be looking at a significant cost saving.

Rosehip Seeds Oil is known for being effective for use on the skin because it has a high concentration of fatty acids. It’s also packed full of antioxidant vitamins A and C which provide anti ageing benefits. Vitamin C in particular helps with collagen production which gives skin that bounce and glow that we all want.

Not all Rosehip Oils are created equally – the darker the colour the more potent and pure the oil. This particular oil is a very rich orange colour so you can tell it’s a really high quality.

I’ve been using it for a few weeks now and loving the result. I use it at night after I’ve double cleansed and toned with Glycolic Acid. It sinks in beautifully and in the morning I always feel fresh and moisturised. Over the time I’ve been using it I’ve noticed an improvement in the redness I have on my cheeks. At only 30p per ml versus £2.33 per ml for the Liz Earle oil I’ve been using for years it’s a no brainer to make the swap.


Keeping my hair moisturised is definitely an all year round task for me. I’ve been bleaching my hair for 10 years now and I’d like to think I’m a bit of a pro at keeping it in good shape.

I always air dry my hair as I think not using heat is the single best thing you can do for your hair whether it’s bleached or not.  I like to use an oil or a serum on damp hair after it’s been washed so it dries with a soft beachy texture and no frizz. I then use a tiny drop on my dry hair just to give the ends an extra boost of moisture.

This Tabitha James Kraan organic hair oil was gifted to me by my hairdresser Laura (who always knows the products I like). It contains organic Sea Buckthorn, Rosehip, Safflower, Goji Berry and Argan infused with essential oils of Rose, Patchouli and Ylang Ylang. It’s Soil Association Certified 99% organic, 100% natural and each bottle contains a piece of Tabitha’s signature amethyst stone, which is a nice touch that appeals to a hippy like me.

Rose is one of my favourite scents so I love that the scent of this oil lingers in the hair for a while after you apply it. It really helps with shine without weighing my hair down or looking greasy – my hair seems to really drink the moisture in. It’s definitely one the most luxe hair products I’ve used in a while and I would definitely recommend to anyone with bleached or dry hair.



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