End of Summer Catch-up Featuring Girlfriend Collective

That awkward moment when you’ve just won Best Ethical Fashion Blogger at the Cruelty Free Blogger Awards but haven’t posted about fashion in weeks…. oops.

So I thought, let’s have a catch up and throw in a new sustainable fashion purchase just for good measure.

Summer is hands down my favourite time of year. Those long light evenings, carefree outdoorsy weekends, barbecues, picnics, festivals, Love Island. I love everything about it and you won’t ever hear me complain about being too hot.

Summer is also my husband’s busiest time of year with his work, so every year by September I’m begging for mercy. That doesn’t mean I’m actively looking forward to 8 months of drizzle and grey skies but I’m oh-so-ready to welcome a slower pace of life, stricter bedtime routines for the children, my husband home for longer than 5 days at a time and a hallway that doesn’t constantly have a half packed/unpacked festival suitcase scattered through it.

This year has been tougher than most I have to say. The exceptional weather (oh hey climate change!) has made everything so much more intense and so I seem to have hit summer saturation a few weeks earlier than usual.

So that’s why fashion content has been scarce. That and the fact that my summer wardrobe consists of a few camis, a bodysuit, a couple of skirts, a couple of dresses and that’s about it. It’s so easy to get dressed in summer; when it’s boiling hot you almost don’t think about the clothes, only staying cool and comfortable. I don’t think I even wore makeup for the whole of June and July.

Summer is always going to be my favourite but I always really appreciate the changing of the seasons and what each change signifies. The Summer to Autumn change is like a huge sigh of relief that I can stop living life in 5th gear; mentally and physically take things down a notch.

It’s always around this time of year that I wish I was in better shape and make plans to get fit. What better way to encourage yourself to exercise than new gym leggings, right?

I’m not completely in love with my body at the moment so I knew I wanted to pay for some really good quality leggings that would flatter me in all the right places. I know that feeling good about myself when I wear them will definitely take away one barrier to exercise.

So I decided to go for a pair from ethical brand Girlfriend Collective. These are the Compressive High-Rise Leggings and are made from 25 recycled bottles. They carry sizes XXS through to XXXL so when I was browsing their site, the fact the models aren’t all stick thin is a major draw for me because I can see that they look good on curvier bodies.

Girlfriend Collective are a pretty awesome as a company when it comes to their sustainability creds. They don’t use child labour, all their Taiwanese factory staff work in safe conditions with fair working hours and are paid a living wage. They collect and treat all waste water to stop any pollution escaping into the local water. They recycle their dye mud into paving stones for the local community instead of sending it to landfill. They even send out the product in fully recycled packaging even down to the stitching on the cloth pouch the leggings come in.

At just over £50 a pair, they literally and figuratively don’t cost the earth.

It remains to be seen if they will encourage me to get my ass moving, but I think it looks pretty good in them regardless.


Photos by: Abi Galatia

Insta: @iamabigalatia



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