How to get out of a January style rut (without buying anything new)

We’re over half way through January, the shops are full of sad looking racks of sale dregs. We’ve reached chunky knit saturation but we’re still miles away from warmer weather, (sorry, it’s true though). If you’re starting to feel bored of putting on the same old winter uniform day after day and feel like hibernating until April then read on because I’ve put together 10 tips to get you out of your January style rut without buying anything new.

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1 – Add an outlandish bright pop of colour.

You all know that I’m a fan of a checked shirt, well I picked up an incredible, bold, lime green and turquoise 100% cotton shirt for just a tenner from BS8 Vintage on Park St, Bristol. I’ve never seen a checked shirt in a colour combo quite like it before. I’m wearing with plain black ASOS jeans, Chelsea boots from Vagabond and a Uniqlo Heattec long sleeve layer underneath which is something I do often instead of chunky knits, which I sometimes find quite unwieldy.

2 – Accessories. Let them do the talking.

Throw on a chic all black outfit and then choose the most striking accessories you own. I chose my Rosa Bloom scarf that I had for Christmas along with a really, really old Cambridge Satchel Company bag in turquoise for some contrast. A real mix of old and new.

3 – Do something mega with your hair.

I had these amazing braids done at Glitch cruelty free hair salon in Bristol. It was a really fun experience, loved chatting to my stylist Polly. Both Glitch and the Gossip Nail Bar which is located in the salon only use cruelty free products (many of them vegan too) which is such a great touch.

4 – Wear something in a different way to how to usually would.

For example I’ve taken a dress that I would usually keep for evening wear or smart occasions but styled it with a sweater over the top and dressed it down with trainers. (my new babies from ethical trainer brand Veja). It completely transforms this dress into something I’d wear in the day.

5 – Buy something pre-loved.

Instead of picking through the last of the sale racks head out for a rummage around your local charity, vintage and thrift shops? Buying second hand gives a garment a second life and therefore not only prevents it going into landfill but lowers its carbon footprint. I picked up this jumper for £20 from Urban Fox on Corn Street. It’s United Colours of Benetton, (the label looks like probably 90s) and it feels like a wool mix. Clothes from 20 years ago were made to a higher quality than they are now, so buying vintage means you can find really unique, high quality things at great prices and no one else is going to be wearing the same.

6 – Give a neglected item a second chance.

Have a big sort out of your wardrobe. Yep, get it all out and go through item by item. Is there something you still like but you hardly seem to wear it? I found this knitted Reis blazer another that I originally bought it as office-wear, but as I don’t work in an office anymore so it’s been languishing in my wardrobe. I’ve paired it with my Weekday kick flares, a Nike top, some layered necklaces and trainers to give it a casual vibe. You never know, you could find something amazing in there.

7 – Try wearing statement jumper instead of a coat

Are you feeling bored by your boring, dark neutral coats? If you’re lucky enough to get a day where it reaches double figures then you can get away with layering up underneath and wearing a statement jumper instead of a coat. I busted out my Lazy Oaf pastel striped chunky knit with plenty of warm layers underneath.

8 – Adapt something from your spring/summer wardrobe 

Get your cost per wear down by having a rummage through your spring/summer clothes and experimenting with layering to make something you usually wear in spring/summer work for winter. This ASOS jumpsuit is something I’ve only ever thought to wear in spring/summer by itself with strappy sandals. I decided to make it winter appropriate by layering it with my one of my favourite Uniqlo Heattec polo necks and trainers.

9 – Take inspiration from online.

Get yourself on Pinterest, Tumblr or scour your favourite blogs and find something that floats your boat. I spied a picture of mega babe Lucy Williams wearing a checked coat, neutral knit, black skinnies and a beret and I was immediately inspired to recreate my own version of this combo. Often we just need that little bit of outside inspiration to remind us that we have plenty of options already in our wardrobe that we just need to have a play with and wear in some new combinations.

And finally…

10 – If all else fails, book yourself a plane ticket to somewhere hot and crack out your summer clothes!

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  1. 25th January 2018 / 5:39 pm

    Love every look-you are gorgeous and you are spot on about knit saturation, I need spring clothes and weather please. Thanks for linking up x

    • Emma K
      25th January 2018 / 8:26 pm

      Ah that’s so kind of you, thanks for commenting x

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