Have I failed at buying nothing new and capsule wardrobing?

Buy less, wear more is my mantra. I think the easiest and most accessible way to be more sustainable with your fashion is not to buy in the first place. So, at the start of the year I challenged myself to see if I could go the whole year without buying anything brand new.

I knew that realistically I’d need a *bit* of wiggle room. No matter how many vintage jeans I try on I’ve never found the perfect pair. Shoes, I’m not 100% comfortable with second hand because, ick. In an ideal world, I’d buy my coats and going-out clothes from a vintage or thrift store but as they’re not things I buy that often, I’m comfortable with buying them new, as long as they’re bought to last.

I also decided that if I was buying the majority of my clothes second hand that I could experiment with relaxing the capsule wardrobe; take a punt on some more fun pieces and tentatively drop the “one out, one in” policy.

This was all relatively easy for the first few months of the year when we were still in winter and I didn’t really need or want to buy anything but as we’ve transitioned into a new season, that’s where the challenge has hotted up.  And I wanted to bring you up up to date with where I’m at.

In my last blog post I took a look at some of the spring 2018 trends that were doing the rounds and made a bit of a mental list of the type of outfits I’d like to be wearing this season based on things I already owned and new trends that I could shop second hand for. And since then I’ve done some second hand rummaging and picked up one or two new things too.

So let’s talk about this outfit. The first of three I shot with Abi Galatia around Hotwells.

Firstly this insane turquoise top. Bought from Thrift in Bristol for just £6. Ticking the bright colour trend as well as the fringing trend. It’s very oversized but I just couldn’t let this bad boy stay in the shop.

Jacket is new from Bershka via ASOS. I’ve wanted a leather biker jacket for ages and was strongly considering splurging on a high-end one as an investment purchase (i.e it’s for life). However, ethically I’m umming and ahhing about how I feel about buying and wearing real leather these days (meaning a second hand one was off the cards). As I’ve loved and worn my mustard yellow Bershka jacket so much, I decided to go for this black, faux leather one from the same brand. I’m thrilled with it and I’ve worn it loads. Have I failed the challenge or made a savvy purchase? To me it feels like a conscious choice.

The snazzy earrings are from insanely talented local Bristol designer and illustrator Sophie Filomena. When I saw that statement earrings were having a moment, I knew that I’d rather go for something handmade than cheap, plastic tat from the high street. Definitely check out her Instagram for more of her quirky Fimo jewellery creations.

The boots are a new purchase. They’re from Topshop. Western boots are having a major comeback and straightaway I knew I wanted to jump on this particular bandwagon. I don’t automatically buy into every trend I see, but occasionally a trend pops up that has my name written all over it and western boots are just that. Showing my age I guess, as I wore cowboy boots in the early noughties but I think they’re pretty classic and I’m all over this revival.

In terms of how I feel about them being real suede, I considered quite a few pairs of non animal leather pairs but I just couldn’t find something I was completely happy with. In my mind I feel like leather is more of a necessity for shoes than a luxury, whereas for a jacket I’d say it wasn’t necessary at all. And so for now I’m still buying leather footwear. This is the reason I would always identify as being plant-based not Vegan with a capital V and I hope that doesn’t offend anyone. It could also change in the future.


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