How I use Aromatherapy for Stress, Anxiety and Relaxation Both At Home and On the Go

I wanted to share with you some really lovely Aromatherapy products that I’ve been using recently to help with stress, anxiety and relaxation (both at home and on the go) that have been making a big difference in my life.

I first started using aroma for relaxation when I was pregnant with Edward 4 years ago. He was breech and having a full term baby’s head wedged up in my rib cage was excruciating for the final few weeks. Painkillers of course were off the cards but wouldn’t have done anything anyway.

My husband bought me an Aroma Stone Diffuser from Amphora Aromatics on Cotham Hill and I would lie on my side on the bed with lavender oil on the diffuser listening to chanting music and doing deep breathing to relax the discomfort away.

Ever since then, the aroma of lavender has triggered a deeply relaxing feeling for me and it’s become something I rely on, especially when anxiety is rearing it’s ugly head in my life.

Recently Amphora offered me the chance to try their new pure 100% essential oil blends. If you’re not well versed in the nuances of aromatherapy (like me) then these are a wonderful way of dipping your toe in the water. The blends are named according to the mood and atmosphere they create, so you can just choose whatever sounds appealing to you. The six new blends are:

SLEEP comforting A relaxing and balancing blend of Juniper, Patchouli and Lavender gently soothes you to sleep. Comforting and warming Orange, Marjoram and Howood help combat insomnia by working to calm restlessness and anxiety – promoting peace and tranquillity. For use in diffusers, burners or for steam inhalation.

ENERGISE stimulating A head-clearing tonic to revitalise the body and mind. Helping to combat nervous tension, this blend of sharp and refreshing Lime, Peppermint and Lemongrass works to stimulate and restore alertness. Balancing Geranium, Cypress and Cedarwood help soothe away stress. For use in diffusers, burners, for steam inhalation or for massage.

REVIVE uplifting Raise the spirits with this blend of warming Clove and Cardamon combined with refreshing Lime, Peppermint and Grapefruit – all working to boost confidence and encourage positive thoughts. Uplifting and stimulating, it also helps you to combat tiredness and nervous exhaustion. For use in diffusers or burners.

FOCUS clarifying Clear your mind and stay sharp with this clarifying blend of cooling Eucalyptus and spicy Clove. Stimulating Rosemary works with refreshing Bergamot and Lemon to help reduce anxiety and keep you feeling fresh and focused. A touch of Myrrh helps boost positive thoughts. For use in diffusers or burners.

RELAX calming Creates a calming and grounding ambience to help you overcome stressful situations – or use simply to unwind after a hard day at work. A tension-relieving blend of uplifting Bergamot and Rosewood works with relaxing Lavender and Clary Sage to soothe nerves. Warming Ylang Ylang and Cardamon help you to rest. For use in diffusers, burners, for steam inhalation or massage.

FESTIVE warming Create a festive mood with this spicy and warming seasonal mix of fruity Orange, exotic Cinnamon and spicy Clove. Comforting and restorative, this blend can also help boost energy levels and starve off colds in the winter months. The perfect way to relax, unwind and entertain family and friends. For use in a diffuser or burner.

I’ve been using the Energise and the Focus blends for a few weeks now on a ceramic diffuser.

I usually reach for the Energise blend in the morning if our morning is feeling particularly chaotic and stressful from a broken night’s sleep courtesy of Grace’s teeth or if children are not playing ball with breakfast or dressing. It seems to both pep me up with the citrusy aromas of Lime, Lemongrass and Peppermint whilst also feeling quite calming from the Geranium, Cypress and Cedarwood. I also like to use it in the late afternoon when the children are starting to get tired and cranky and I’m sick of the hectic background noise of Cbeebies. I often switch to a calming Spotify playlist, reach for some favourite story books, add a few drops of Energise blend onto the diffuser and we noticeably feel a shift in mood.

Focus blend is much stronger and I don’t tend to use this one when the children are at home. It’s become my go-to if I need to write a blog or an article in the day. I often prefer to do my writing in the evening curled up on the sofa as that’s when I feel the words flow the best but deadlines and other evening plans often dictate that I need to write in the day. Focus blend is very heady, warming and spicy. If I curl up on the sofa with a cup of tea and this blend on the diffuser, I can lose myself in my writing and forget about the whatsapps and emails pinging.

Scentered is a brand I came across at a Health and Beauty blogging event I was at recently. I was immediately drawn to their Therapy Balms which are pure essential oils in moringa and shea butter that you can take with you and apply to your pulse points on the go.

The balms are available as full sized 5g sticks or as 1.5g minis in a box set which I thought would be perfect for travelling, especially as we were about to head off on a long haul trip to Panama with (almost) 4 year old Edward.

Let me tell you, I reached for these a lot during the course of the week. On the flight over there which was a day flight we loved using Be Happy which contains Grapefruit, Lemon and Spearmint as it was energising and refreshing. When Edward was jet lagged and out of routine we used dabs of Sleep Well which contains Lavender, Ylang Ylang and Palmarosa on his temples to help him calm for sleep. I loved using the Focus balm which contains Rosemary, Mint and Clary Sage on the long road trip from Panama City to Portobelo as I was tired from an early start with Edward. It was nicely stimulating and helped me appreciate the beautiful scenery rather than snooze the journey away.

This little tin comes everywhere with me now, I wouldn’t be with out it. I love the Scentered mantra that they promote – Stop, Inhale, Reset. It’s perfect. Sometimes that’s just what you need to bring you out of an anxious situation and ground you in the present moment.

Disclaimer: Amphora kindly provided their products to me for review purposes. All opinions are my own. The Scentered products were purchased by me.

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