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I think one of the reasons I struggle to get pen to paper (fingers to keys?) on this blog is that I haven’t been very inspired because I’ve struggled to find where my niche is. I’m definitely not a beauty blog anymore. Or a Mummy blog (ewww) or a fashion blog or a lifestyle blog. I don’t really know what I am. I just know that I enjoy writing.

I guess it’s not entirely surprising that I’ve found it hard to see where this blog fits in, given how hard I’ve found it it redefine myself post Motherhood.

It’s true that the day you become a mother, the old you dies. For good. It really does. I will never be the gym bunny, makeup junkie, party girl I once was. I’ve even decided to call time on my beloved platinum blonde hair – my signature look. When people say your priorities change when you become a mother, I actually think that could be one of the most gross understatements that has ever been made.

But now, after 10 months, I finally feel like the new person that is emerging is actually pretty cool. I may even want to hang out with her, for like, ever.

She’s a working Mum. Occasionally she makes an effort with her appearance but a lot of the time she’s happy to roll out of the door in a hoodie and Nike Airs without a scrap of makeup and is pretty grateful she got a chance to brush her teeth.

She gets to the gym once or twice a week if she’s lucky. Sometimes she misses her Saturday morning Spin class if the clingy, teething baby does not give permission to put him down. At the gym, instead of counting down the seconds until the class is over, she savours every precious second of quality time away the house she can get. In fact she stops off for a sneaky, solo coffee on the way home.

She’s earns a fraction of her old career girl wage and spends almost half of that on childcare. But she still spends most of her precious pittance of disposable income on cute baby clothes and accessories and rocks clothes from the back of her wardrobe like they were brand new instead. The days of having a drawer full of twenty-pound mascaras are long gone.

She’s just the kind of girl I always dreamed I’d be.


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