Let’s get up to date

Let get up to date.

I started the month (year) off with a flurry of motivation and a few good blog posts. I was really getting into my newly revamped Instagram. I was having so much fun writing again and connecting with other bloggers.

Then both kids and my husband got colds. No one slept. Cough, sneezes and sniffles all night. I managed to escape the house lurgy but was blessed with a giant, ugly coldsore instead. I was too tired and foggy headed to blog, I could barely get meals on the table for everyone.


World politics took a turn for the dark. I don’t even want to say his name but I think we all know who I’m referring to. The moves that were pulled in his first few days have shocked me to my core. Removing funding from organisations that provide or discuss abortion, pages relating to climate change and LBGTQ rights removed from the White House website, the beginnings of a repeal to Obamacare, setting in motion to plan to build a wall along the Mexico border. And probably the most extreme and far reaching so far is the immigration ban on those from seven mainly Muslim countries, including those with green cards. Meaning people with lives, families, jobs and pets in the USA have been barred from returning home if they just happened to be travelling on the day the order was signed. It’s sick, inhumane. And racist.

It has made me sick to my stomach. I’m stunned by everything and I haven’t been able to think about writing about anything else as it all seems so insignificant and trivial in comparison.

I debated whether I should jut stay silent since political writing is not my forte. I understand the gist of what’s going on but I can’t claim to know the intricate nuances of politics. All I know is that this is dangerous and dark and I’m genuinely petrified that similar actions could be taken by our government in the future. But more than that, I realised that silence is a privilege. If I can sit back and choose not to do or say anything because the issues don’t directly affect me (yet), that is a sign of my privilege and that’s why I just had to write something and start some momentum.

Since the Brexit vote I’ve felt a huge shift in my own personal world view. Before, I’ve always been rather ambivalent about politics but I’m now feeling a stronger and stronger pull to add my voice and to stand up for what I believe in. At a very basic level I want to set the best example I can to my own children to teach them that it’s not ok to single out a race or a religion for hateful behaviour and it’s not ok to abuse animals or the planet. I’ve given up eating meat and dairy, I’ve committed to only buying cruelty free cosmetics, I’m avoiding palm oil, I’ve deleted the Daily Mail app from my phone. I’ve emailed my MP and made some charity donations. Small gestures really, but I’m realising that if everyone made these commitments, together we could be the change we want to see.

This is only the start for me, but at least it is a start.


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