Motherhood Didn’t Start The Way I Thought It Would

I always thought it would be like in the movies. Excitedly hunched over the little stick watching as the blue line appears. But it turns out, it couldn’t have been farther from that scenario if we’d tried.

I was feeling out of sorts. Tired. Oh so tired. Queasy and off my food and my period was late. I was working really long hours and dealing with the stresses of running a new small business. I really thought I’d bitten off more than I could chew and started to make myself ill. We wanted to think about trying for a baby in a few months and it was going to be a non-starter if I didn’t get my work-life balance in order and get back to feeling like myself again. So off I went to the doctors to get the once over.

Two days later, driving home from work just before 6pm in the most biblical of downpours, I was stopped at a red traffic light and my phone rang.  I would never normally answer it while driving but for some reason I had a strange feeling it was important. It was a Doctor from my surgery.

“I need to talk to you about your blood test results. You’re pregnant”

The thing is, my period wasn’t just late, I hadn’t actually had one for two months, possibly three but I’d simply put it down to the relentless boiling hot summer weather and work stress. I’d always assumed that getting pregnant would be something that I’d need to really put my mind to. People of my age don’t just accidentally get pregnant.

Well it turns out they do. At my dating scan, the little blob that wasn’t actually a blob at all but a little person the size of an avocado with legs and arms and a spine and a strong beating heart was already 14 weeks and 2 days old.

I was going to be a Mother in just six months’ time.


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