A couple of tweets from the weekend got me thinking about the good old days of my beauty blogging, back in 2009.

Back then back in the Magpie Sparkles heyday I would watch endless hours of YouTube videos. If I saw something I wanted, I would buy it or order it online immediately. Every week I’d amass a stack of new things to haul and blog about. It was utterly, utterly addictive. Two identical peachy pink blushes with ever so slightly different sized shimmer particles? I had to have them both. I needed them.

I do still watch the odd bit of YouTube. Most of it is incredibly banal and lacks originality, but for that reason it’s the perfect pre-bed wind-down. Brain chewing gum. You can tell a mile off which product samples have been doing the rounds that week because suddenly YouTube is flooded with not so subtle mentions of the same product in about 10 videos. Benefit Rollerlash anyone?

I miss the days when products gained iconic status from good old fashioned blogging word of mouth and a weekend rummage in Boots. GOSH Darling who remembers that hype? I bought it, naturally, even though it made me look like I’d been dug up. The concealer lips look didn’t look good on anyone let alone someone with white blonde hair. The blue GOSH lipgloss, the Chi hair serum that smelt like cheap mens deodorant, Barry M 101, every bloody MAC limited edition collection ever…the list goes on. I still have a MAC Lavender Whip lipstick in its box – because I bought three. Madness.

A lot has changed in the last 6 years, with me, but not least with the blogging community. These days it’s a legit career path and some of my peers from those days have gone on to become household names.

I do miss being part of that world, it was so exciting to be there right at the start of what has become a bit of a digital revolution and I sometimes wonder that might have been if I’d carried on? I’m married with a child now and life couldn’t really be any more different. I don’t have the time nor the money to indulge in that level of obsessiveness now. Still, it’s nice to watch the odd vlog and live vicariously, remembering days when waking up at 9am on a weekend was considered early and the most crucial decision of the day was which pinky nude lipstick to wear.


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