Spring Wardrobe Hits

Before we launch into Summer capsule posts I wanted to give some little shout outs to the absolute winners so far from my Spring capsule. I’ve picked out four pieces that were all new into my wardrobe this season that have quickly become solid favourites.

Marks & Spencer Khaki Shirt Dress

I’ve worn this a bunch and it’s surprisingly versatile. I’ve worn with jeans and trainers as a comfortable travelling outfit but I’ve also worn with heels out to dinner. It something that I find myself reaching for a lot more often than I thought I would. With it being loose and floaty it’s great for when you’re feeling bit lumpy around the middle.

ASOS Double Breasted Blazer

I’m so happy I found this blazer. I’d shopped around so much for the perfect blazer and this was absolutely it. I’ve worn it mainly to work to smarten up jeans and t-shirt combos but it’s also great for throwing on to go out for dinner. Because it’s oversize and boxy it works with trainers and really suits my tomboyish style. I love the Navy blue with beige check running though as it adds a bit more to an outfit then just a plain black one would.

Monki Ruffle Sweater

Probably my most worn item at the moment and the most surprising wardrobe hit! To be fair it was quite an impulse purchase. I’ve never owned anything in such a bright red before and the ruffles were a bit of a punt on a current trend. Ruffles just aren’t appealing to me whatsoever when it comes to cotton shirts and blouses but on this sweater I love them. It’s so easy to throw on instead of a hoodie to make the difference between a completely casual “sobbing out at home in comfies” look vs appearing like you actually made an effort.

Whistles “Très Bon” T-shirt. 

I had hoped that the eye watering £45 I spent on this T-shirt would be justified and luckily I think it has been. It’s become a go-to piece mainly because it’s sooo soft and comfortable to wear. In fact all three of my breton striped T shirts have been worn loads. Cliche “Mum uniform” alert, oops.

And Other Stories Slip-on Loafers

The first day I wore these was out for lunch with the family and Edward and his cousin both ended up trampling all over my feet and made a giant scuff. I immediately regretted buying them on account of the suede being wildly impractical for someone who spends a lot of time in the company of boisterous 3 year olds. Luckily my Mother in Law came to the rescue with a suede brush (who knew those even existed?!) and some renovating spray and they’re as good as new. I didn’t think I’d love these as much as I do. They’re just perfection.



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