Spring Wardrobe – The Misses

You’ve seen the hits so it’s only fair to ‘fess up to the misses.

I’m getting better at capsule wardrobing so luckily there have only been a couple of things this season that haven’t really worked. And I really should have known better as it’s clear the reason they didn’t work is that I disregarded the cardinal rules of capsule wardrobing:

  1. Buying poor quality (man-made fabric)
  2. Overbuying essentially the same category of item
  3. Not considering how an item would fit with clothes I already owned.

Monki Longline Shirt

Buying a shirt intended for wearing on warm Spring days that’s 100% polyester – what was I thinking? It’s too hot and sweaty and doesn’t feel nice at all worn directly against the skin. I hadn’t intended to wear it with layers underneath but I think that’s the only way I might wear this regularly so I’ll throw it a lifeline for Autumn.

I’ve worn my Khaki shirt dress from Mark & Spencer many more times, over this one. Lesson to be learnt, stop buying Polyester and that one long-line shirt is plenty in a capsule wardrobe.

Marks & Spencer Printed Bomber (similar)

I do absolutely love this jacket but I’ve struggled to style it. Here I broke the rule of not considering how it would work with my other clothes. With jeans and trainers it feels too casual. With trousers and loafers/boots it feels wrong. I’m hoping I can make it work as something to wear on a chilly summer evening over a dress? Failing that, maybe it would work better with a polo neck in the Autumn? If not, it’s days are numbered because I’ve hardly worn it.




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