Summer Capsule Wardrobe 2017 – The Planning

I’ve been planning my 2017 Summer capsule wardrobe for quite some time but as we’ve been blessed with some glorious warm weather recently you’ve probably already seen some of my Summer staples on my Instagram. This post is going to rewind you all back a couple of months and go back through my thought process of how I put together my Summer shopping list.

Firstly I’ll say that I’ve been completely taken by surprise by how inspired I’ve been by Summer clothes. I really did think it was going to be like pulling teeth, especially as I’m carrying a bit more weight than I’d ideally like to. Summer has always been my least favourite season to dress for but approaching it from a different angle has really opened my eyes and I’m finally really excited dressing for warmer weather and it’s given me so much more body confidence.

In the past I’ve struggled with Summer clothes always feeling too casual, too revealing, feeling awkard and uncomfortable in them and generally not feeling “myself” when I’m dressing for warmer weather. Particularly because the typical floral, floaty, gypsy/boho type Summer clothes that the high street is flooded with year after year are really not my style. I definitely gravitate more towards a minimal, scandi inspired aesthetic and now I know where to look for these clothes, I’ve realised there is a lot out there for women of my age and body shape.

Throughout my entire capsule journey so far one thing I’ve noticed is a definite tendency to neglect my bottom half and live in basic denim year round. So for Summer I specifically wanted to try to step out of my comfort zone and explore skirts, jumpsuits, playsuits and dresses instead of defaulting to demin shorts which for me, I think, are probably best suited for the garden or a festival.

I ended up having to part with quite a lot of the Summer clothes I had packed away in storage from Summer 2015 (last summer I was postpartum and breastfeeding) due to the fact I’m about a stone heavier and that stone is all round my middle. My apparent penchant for crop tops is sadly not something I’m going to be indulging in any time soon.

In previous seasons I’ve very definitely shopped for “on and off duty” clothes however I feel like Summer clothes are more versatile in many ways than other seasons and so I haven’t really separated my shopping list into casual and dressy. Mostly I’ve found that shoes and makeup can make the difference between dressed up or dressed down.

My wish list looked something like this:

Dresses / jumpsuits / playsuits (as those are a one stop shop outfit.)

Skirts – I wanted to explore midi skirts as I think they look cute with trainers and t-shirts as well as camis and sandals.

Tops –  I wanted some really pretty cami tops that could be worn with skirts or shorts and be dressed up or down for day, night and holiday/sunbathing. They would be so versatile to wear on their own or under a jacket. Sleeveless t-shirts are also a style I gravitate towards in Summer.

Shoes – I wanted to expand my collection of summer shoes to help transform outfits and wean mysef off wering scruffy birkenstocks for months on end.

Accessories – I wanted a wide brimmed hat and some new classic sunglasses.

Over the course of the last couple of months I’ve had some hits and misses but have managed to acquire a Summer wardrobe that’s really cool and so far, working for me really well.

Coming up next will be my Summer edit.


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