The Spring Capsule Wardrobe 2017 – The Planning


Planning my Spring Capsule Wardrobe 2017.

It may have been pissing down all week and the temperature barely breaking double figures but the Daffodils are up, the first blossom is popping out on the trees and I am back to work from maternity leave, so for the last few weeks I’ve been busy updating my capsule wardrobe for Spring.

One of the things that drew me to the concept of a capsule wardrobe in the first place was that now in my (sob) late thirties I’m confident in my own personal style, I’ve got my uniform that I’m comfortable in and I’ve completely weaned myself off being cheap, trend led clothes that I’ll only wear for 3 months and then move on to the next thing. I know what feels and looks good on me and I’m finally ready to start investing in higher quality clothes that I’ll wear until they wear out rather than until I get bored of them.

I used to feel like I “should” be wearing dresses and skirts but now I’m completely ok with wearing jeans basically exclusively because that’s what I feel good in. My winter uniform consisted of high waisted skinny jeans and either a buttoned up shirt with a thermal layer underneath for warmth or a knit/sweater. With a bold lip or the addition of one of my many scarves and alternating between trainers and boots, I can change up this look quite a bit and not get bored.

Let’s face it, the British Spring is not exactly warm and is quite prone to rain showers so I’ll be continuing to wear mostly jeans and shirts but maybe unbuttoned a bit with a blazer over the top instead of a coat, good quality T shirts instead of sweaters. A lighter but still weather-proof coat is essential. I don’t like to get my toes out until the weather is properly warm so footwear wise it’ll still be my signature Nike Air Max’s and boots but maybe the odd flash of ankle here and there with a loafer if the weather allows.

The Autumn and Winter capsules were fairly straight forward to put together because I only needed clothes appropriate for being at home with the children and that were easy to breastfeed in. For Spring, now I’m back to work I need a bit more of a variety of clothes. As well as casual, comfortable clothes, I need clothes to wear to work and a few things for my scant, but now not completely non-existent social life too.

Our office is very casual, anything goes really but I still like to dress a bit professional because it’s my only chance to. I definitely find it puts me in the work mindset if I go to work dressed a little differently to how I would to a baby and toddler group.

I condensed all of this into a shopping list, which ended up rather larger than I had anticipated, because when I delved into some of my Spring/Summer clothes in storage a few key pieces didn’t fit as well as I’d hoped. Pregnancy does have a habit of expanding my rib cage. After Edward it took a full year for my jackets to fit again, so I’m hoping I will get to wear them next year.

“Off Duty” clothes (for when at home with the kids, or casual weekend outfits)
– Looser fit, light wash jeans so I’m not in dark skinnies all the time
– Good quality investment T shirts with classic patterns or prints e.g. Breton/slogan
– A statement sweater
– Footwear – ankle boots that aren’t black, maybe a wooden heel? A new pair of Nike Airs to give my trusty and well worn black and purple ones a breather.

On Duty clothes (work wear, out for dinner, family occasions etc..)
– Long line shirts/shirt dresses that can be worn over jeans or with bare legs on a hotter day.
– Shirts/blouses that will be the mainstay of my work outfits
– Blazers
– Trench coat
– At least one top that I could wear if I ventured out of the house after dark and shock horror, found myself at a bar or party.

It’s taken me about six weeks of lots of online shopping (me and the DPD man are on first name terms now), many returns and quite a few trips into actual shops to try things on to get the the place where I think I’ve managed to tick off every item on my list (and probably a few things that weren’t on the list).

Stay tuned for updates of what made the cut.

Are you thinking about ditching the knits and sweaters and busting out some lighter clothes yet?


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