The Thrill Of The Chase – Finding the Perfect Second Hand Blazer

There are two ways you can approach second hand shopping. You can either rummage through what there is with an open mind and hopefully find something random that you like? Or you can have an idea of something specific in your mind that you’re looking for and keep searching until you find it.

The turquoise tassel top from this post was very much something I picked up on a whim but this checked Grandad blazer is something I’ve been searching and searching for for months.

Blazers have been a key trend piece year-round for at least a couple of years now and I think they really do add something to an outfit. I’ve tried on numerous second hand blazers but never found a fit or colour that worked for me. Until, a chance encounter in a Sue Ryder charity shop on Park Street in Bristol led me to this gem.

I’m always wary of blazers looking either too sloan ranger, too “job interview” or too “Instagram fashion blogger” on me. The only other blazer I own is in navy blue, which as much as I love it, is a tricky colour to style as I don’t think it looks great with black. So my brief was to find a blazer that would look good with the existing colours in my wardrobe and that I could style with a casual outfit and still feel like me.

As you know, I seem to be obsessed with orange and turquoise at the moment and every outfit seems to feature one or the other and this outfit is definitely built around pops of orange.

I’m wearing it with my Gap jeans and my Monki orangey-red sweater (both last year’s Spring capsule wardrobe) and some really old sunglasses from Australian brand Am Eyewear.

Trainers are a really old pair that I’ve dug out of the archives and have been wearing loads again. They’re 4 years old and were a limited edition Nike Air x Liberty collab. The funny thing is I’ve been searching for some really bright trainers to buy and forgot I had these ones. When I found them it was like Christmas!

The lip colour is NYX Lip Suede in Orange County (shade 05). NYX are a cruelty free brand. 

Photos by: Abi Galatia 


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