Why I’m not making goals this year

As this is my first blog post this year, a belated happy 2019!

The last couple of years I’ve ended the year with a review of my goals and the setting of new goals, but this year I’m giving it a miss.

At the turn of the New Year my social media feeds were flooded with people’s new planners, journals, “vision boards” and the setting of goals and resolutions. It’s exhausting to read! All that “hustle” and self imposed pressure to be bigger, better, more successful than last year.

This time last year I was just out of the blocks on a new freelance business. Fired up and ready to go. My goals were all about growth, followers, clients, income. But I couldn’t have predicted what the year would serve up to me and that I would end up pressing pause to focus on myself and the family whilst childcare costs were eating up my entire earnings anyway.

Last year a circumstance beyond my control pushed me to the absolute limits of the stress my mind and body could take. It turned our life upside down and forced me to re-evaluate everything that was important to me; my ethics, my friendships, everything.

But what came out of it made me realise that downsizing and scaling back doesn’t necessarily mean failure. Bigger isn’t always better. If you’re always chasing future happiness you forget to appreciate the present moment. And that is why I’m not setting specific goals this year. Just getting through the days, weeks and months is enough.

My goal is to just “be”.

Be healthy, be grateful, be in the moment, be present, Be HAPPY.


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