Winter Capsule Wardrobe 2018 – The Planning

It’s coming up to the end of November and finally starting to get see-your-breath-in-the-morning chilly so time to bust out the winter capsule wardrobe.

One thing I’ve learnt from doing this process is that I prefer to buy strategically as I go along rather than bunch up my purchases into a frenzied couple of weeks every three months. I find it gives me time to shop around, try things on and not make impulse purchases. So this is more of a summary of what’s been going on in my head for a while, with quite a few of the pieces in the bag already and some still to buy.

I don’t feel like the jump from autumn to winter is a huge one. For me it’s more about adding in the warm coats, scarves, hats, gloves and the really warm footwear into the existing mix rather than adding in anything drastically different.


Last year was my big epiphany about buying quality knitwear so after blowing the budget on some gorgeous cashmere and alpaca mix pieces in the autumn, I couldn’t stretch to buying any new coats in the winter. Instead I bought some lovely scarves that will definitely come through to this year with me.

I knew this year would be the year of the coat. I’ve never been one for having coat “options”. I usually have just one practical coat on the go that 90% of the time doesn’t really compliment the outfit I’m wearing. So my coat shopping list is:

  • Something formal that would be nice for a dinner or a meeting.
  • Something less formal but still smart-casual for everyday wear when I want to actually look like a grown up with her shit vaguely together.
  • Something a bit more statement/fun to throw on when I want to feel a bit sassy.


I’m loving all my jeans at the moment but I wear them all constantly on rotation and I’m a bit bored of them. Plus everything I have right now seems to be cropped with a raw hem. So for jeans and trousers I’ve been looking for:

  • A pair in a new shape that would give me some new outfit inspiration.
  • A longer pair, with a proper hem
  • And…I’m eternally on the hunt for trousers to break the wall to wall denim.


Pretty happy with my selection of t-shirts and base layers for daytime so nothing new required here.


As I mentioned, last year I kitted myself out with plenty of quality but basic, plain knitwear. So this year I’d like top that up with:

  • A couple of more colourful/statement pieces

Evening wear: 

This whole category has been neglected ever since I started with a capsule wardrobe because I haven’t actually needed any evening wear. However, with my littlest now mostly giving me full night’s sleep (finally, she’s 18 flipping months), I’m seeing life outside the house past 7pm and opportunities for events, dinners and even weekend nights out are starting to present themselves. But, when I say I haven’t got anything to wear for a night out, I really do mean it. I don’t want to go crackers but I figured a great starting point would be:

  • A silk shirt
  • A “fancy” blazer
  • A maxi/midi dress with sleeves… in fact dresses are something I want to explore a lot more but there’s a whole other post in my head about that.


I’m lusting after a pair of Veja sneakers because if I’m honest I haven’t bonded with my Vans in the way I thought I would and Nike Airs don’t always work with certain outfits. I’m putting them on the Christmas list and crossing my fingers.

Other than that I don’t feel like there are any gaps that need filling. I’ve been really enjoying my three year old brown DM fur lined boots. So not “fashion” in any way but they’re beautifully broken in, warm and comfortable and I have such a fondness for the timelessness of a DM. Maybe next year I’ll add another pair of boots into the mix? I’m also wearing my black DM shoes loads, especially now I’ve bitten the bullet and bought a smaller size. I was an idiot and went for a size too big initially  – so I have a hardly worn pair of size 6 plain black DM shoes if anyone’s interested?

Stay tuned to see what’s made the cut with the winter capsule wardrobe edit – and some thoughts on whether to continue with capsule wardrobing or not?





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  1. Carly
    20th November 2017 / 3:36 pm

    I’m loving your blog and as a new mum you inspired me to start my own capsule wardrobe. The sort out and hunt for classic items is so much fun!.Thanks for inspiring me! Carly

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