A Year of Capsule Wardrobing – What I’ve Learnt

Before I share my Autumn capsule wardrobe with you I thought it would be useful to share some of my thoughts and learnings now I’ve come full circle with a full year of capsules.

What I’ve learnt

  • Capsule wardrobing is a great way of breaking out of the fast fashion habit because you buy clothes that are made to last longer than one or two seasons
  • Capsule wardrobing doesn’t have to be boring and only focus on neutrals – my coral reef skirt is bright and jazzy and has been worn over and over this summer
  • If you really shop around for items and only buy when you find the perfect piece, you’ll end up truly loving ¬†your clothes and wanting to wear them time and time again
  • Being strategic about your purchases can help you break out of a style rut or help you find a way of wearing pieces you’ve always shied away from. For example I’m now a dress and skirt convert since I found styles what worked for me this summer.
  • It can help you become more accepting and positive of your body because you aren’t holding on to a wardrobe full of things to slim into. Everything you buy fits and makes you feel fabulous right now, not after you’ve dieted.

What I’m going to continue doing

  • Considering each new purchase in the context of how it slots into my existing wardrobe – what it can be paired it and whether the colour matches my overall palette. If it doesn’t easily slot into existing outfit combos then it doesn’t make the cut.
  • Continue to think about how many of the same type of item I really need in my wardrobe. For example t-shirts are an all year round daily staple so a good t-shirt can almost always be justified.
  • Not get caught up in trend led pieces that I’ll go off in one or two seasons
  • Accept certain items may not suit me regardless of how much I shop around. Sorry midi skirts and wide leg trousers, it’s not me, it’s you.
  • Shop in a considered way and not impulse buy everything for the season in one go by an arbitrary deadline. I know some capsule wardrobers like doing this but I prefer to stagger my purchases to take the time pressure off.

What I’m changing going forward

  • I find it awkward to store my clothes away physically so now I’ve downsized the number of clothes I own in total, I’m going to simply be rotating my current and off-season’s clothes in and out of the less accessible side of my wardrobe instead of physically packing them away.
  • I’m not going to be too fixated on the total number of items – I can generally get a feel for number by how many spare coat hangers I have. (I have 50, which also includes out of season clothes). If I’ve got none spare then I need to rein it in.
  • I’ve realised that I have a tendency to “cheat the system” somewhat, by packing away lots of items between seasons. The idea is not to have 30 completely separate pieces for each season! Going forward I’m going to try to make more clothes work year round.
  • I’ve realised I need to look for more second hand and vintage, because even buying less is still contributing to clothes in landfill.

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