How to introduce your blog to your real life friends

How to introduce your blog to your real life friends.

I’ve written a lot of posts recently and haven’t been able to bring myself to press the Publish button. I just can’t seem to get over the confidence issue that I have have around putting myself out there on the web. Why would anyone want to read what I write? Will people judge me for posting pictures of my own face and think that I’m vain? Other people are prettier, younger, take better photos anyway.

I just wish I could get rid of that negative little voice in my head that’s holding me back. I’m not trying to become famous or make a living from this blog, but gaining readers and engagement is part of the fun of having a dialogue online with like minded people, it’s how you get inspiration from others and hopefully in turn, inspire.

A few days ago, when for an unknown reason, my blog Instagram account decided to connect itself to my personal Facebook account and my Real Life Friends started following it, I did what any straight up coward would do and made the account private and then pretended I didn’t have 15 follow requests in my feed. Classic me.

I love reading blogs posts by people I know in real life. Some of my friends are doing amazing things and at some point too they must have had to overcome fear putting themselves out there. When I read their blogs all I feel is pride and sense of camaraderie, I’m never sniggering or judging them so I know it’s stupid to be nervous about “coming out”. I know it’s a milestone that I need to overcome, so this post is me saying:

Yes, I’m blogging. You know me in real life and I’m ok with you reading it.

Maybe you’ve got a clandestine blog that you’re too shy to put out there? It’s International Women’s Day today, a day of supporting the sisterhood. So what better day to decide to share it with your friends?



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